LILAC-“Winter School”

As part of the LILAC  “ Winter School “ project ” (from February 25 th to March 1st)native speakers 

from different English speaking countries came to us.

On the first three days Benjamin and Andrew from the USA were our teachers. They showed us 
how to prepare a so- called traditional dessert, deep-fried OREOS which were delicious. We also 
played some quiz games which were a lot of fun. On top of that we learned a few things about the 
history of the USA and we could improve our English grammar as well.

On Thursday and Friday Adam (California/US) and Liam from Australia came to work with us. 
They both told us some exciting stories and so we prepared some sketches for our final project 
presentation on Friday.

What we liked best about the LILAC “Winter School” project was to design and draw our own 
postcard of Deutsch Goritz and California. The third and fourth class really enjoyed these 
days and some of us will take part in the summer camp in the holidays.




 Weitere Bilder in der Fotogalerie!

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