English Theatre

MI 28.11.2007

On November 28th the students of our third class saw the
performance of “Virtual Heros”. The actors came from the
Vienna’s English Theatre. Our students enjoyed the brilliant play very much. It was really fantastic.

Hi there,

… and welcome to Cyber World!

How about you? Are you a computer-freak? Are you PS2 (or Xbox, Gamecube) crazy?

Have you ever played until you fell asleep over your keyboard?

How important is your PC, your playstation and your mobile for you? Let’s have a look!

On the scale from 1-100 below, you would be – where? Take a pen and put a cross!

0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100

Now ask your parents/your brothers and sisters/a friend? What do they think? Do they agree?

Just think – if you had no computer/playstation, would you 1) do more homework

instead? More sports? 2) Read lots of books? 3) See interesting films? Or 4) perhaps go

to the theatre and watch a play? In English? (Good choice!)

Well, that’s what you’re about to do, and let me tell you, get ready for a special treat!

This year’s VET touring production,
Virtual Heroes, is partly set in a virtual game

world. As you follow the two main characters, Rita and Kevin – or rather Sapphire and

Byron, through their adventures in Egypt and Peru, you’ll think you’re sitting at your

PC/playstation. Rita is a good pupil, Kevin is not. Rita doesn’t have friends and is being

bullied, Kevin misses his dad. Both are looking for adventure, creating a virtual reality

for themselves, taking on the personalities they would like to be – in their dreams.

Email and chatrooms are the main ways of communication – but because everybody

uses a nickname, you never know who you are really ’talking’ (= writing) to. Just

imagine pouring your heart out to your cyber pal, and it turns out to be your neighbour!

Or worse, your younger brother! And remember, the good-looking millionaire or the

beautiful model you fell in love with in a game/chatroom might turn out to be a frog

who wants to be kissed but is not going to turn into a prince/princess!

So, we hope you’re going to enjoy the play and have lots of fun – after all, that’s the

idea of going to the theatre: have fun and enjoy a play in English!

Well, I’d better log off now and let you join Rita and Kevin in their virtual adventure!


Helena Hirsch

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